Chino- Best of Firsts

Chino- Best of Firsts

Label: Sister Raygun Records
Catalog No.: SRR 012
Year: 2020
Format: Compact Disc

Chino was formed in the mid-90’s by ex-Monkey 101 singer, bassist and songwriter Paul K. Mike Schuldt plays drums while Rob Feeney writes some songs and plays the guitar. Chino has played shows throughout the Philadelphia region with dozens of bands including RunHideFight, Poppy and Jukebox Zeros. Their most notable appearances were opening some shows for Guided by Voices. Best of Firsts is a career spanning collection of lo-fi melodic rock songs. Paul’s songwriting has been praised by artists as diverse as Alejandro Escovedo to Robert Pollard and now everyone can enjoy these songs.


1. Surrounded And Surpassed
2. Polyamorous
3. I Got A Lookout
4. Safe Ones
5. Prehistoric
6. Coordinated
7. Everyone Likes A Lie
8. You Gotta Take A Chance
9. Attention Blues
10. Love It or Leave It
11. Hardhearted
12. The Company
13. You Can Take Me Over
14. We Just Wanted
15. Et. Al. Blues
16. Open All Night
17. World of Sound
18. The Only One
19. The Great Shakes
20. Fascinated

Digital download available on Bandcamp.