Electric Love Muffin - Playdoh Meathook (NEW)

Electric Love Muffin - Playdoh Meathook (NEW)

Label: Buy Our Records
Catalog No.: BORE 12-012
Year: 1987
Format: Black Vinyl LP
Condition: New Old Stock, Still Sealed! May have minor shelf wear from storage.

Debut album from Philadelphia punk band, Electric Love Muffin. Electric Love Muffin were a mainstay in the Philly 80s punk and hardcore scene, but their sound was more in-line with The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, even early R.E.M.


A1. Backstreet Ride
A2. I Should Have
A3. Look For Me
A4. Norwegian Wood
A5. This Time I'm Gone
B1. Blackness That Could Be Blue
B2. The Muffin March
B3. One Year Removed
B4. Tomorrow's Regrets
B5. Magna Opus