Electric Love Muffin - Rassafranna (NEW)

Electric Love Muffin - Rassafranna (NEW)

Label: Restless Records
Catalog No.: 7 72614-1
Year: 1989
Format: Black Vinyl LP
Condition: New Old Stock, Still Sealed! May have minor shelf wear from storage.

Sophomore album from Philadelphia punk band, Electric Love Muffin, released by Restless Records. Electric Love Muffin were a mainstay in the Philly 80s punk and hardcore scene, but their sound was more in-line with The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, even early R.E.M.

Trouser Press description: "Produced with Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo (known for his work with Schoolly-D), Rassafranna all but eliminates ELM’s punk element in favor of a loud, tight rock sound that meanders between the Replacements and charged jangle-pop, with excursions into not-exactly-soul, loopy cow-punk and Meat Puppets territory, instrumentally (“Club Car”) and songwise (“Down Easy”). Overall, the material is strong: “Diamonds & Glass” is the kind of song that would sound great on acoustic guitar, while “Drunk & Horny” is funny for all the right reasons."


A1. Sperm Of The Moment
A2. Diamond And Glass
A3. Islands In The Sun
A4. Drunk And Horny
A5. I Aims To Please
A6. Club Car
A7. Venus
B1. Late Nights, Early Mornings
B2. June
B3. It's Just Me (And Me Alone)
B4. Down Easy
B5. Trilogy
B6. Meet Me This Afternoon
B7. The Revolution Comes To North Street