Electric Love Muffin - Second Third Time Around

Electric Love Muffin - Second Third Time Around

Label: Buy Our Records
Catalog No.: BORE 9004
Year: 1990
Format: Black Vinyl (New Old Stock, still sealed)

Third and final album from Philadelphia punk band, Electric Love Muffin. Electric Love Muffin were a mainstay in the Philly 80s punk and hardcore scene, but their sound was more in-line with The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, even early R.E.M. Singer/guitarist Rich Kaufmann went on to form the alt-country, Americana band Rolling Hayseeds and currently fronts the pop-punk band Foxycontin. Bassist Brian Campbell has been in the band Poppy since the early 1990s and also played in Mt. Vengeance.


1. A Better Song
2. Under Candy Bridge
3. My Right, Your Left
4. Another Please
5. What We Talk About
6. Mr. Softy's Wild Ride
7. Get Ready