Monkey 101 - Rusts, Smuts and Heart Rot

Monkey 101 - Rusts, Smuts and Heart Rot

Label: Sister Raygun Records
Catalog No.: SRR 013
Year: 2021
Format: Black Vinyl

… gritty, low-fi pop-punk nuggets that would fit in almost eerily well with today’s garage rock revival. The songs made their creators, the members of erstwhile Philly band Monkey 101, indie rock urban legends. - Brian Howard, City Paper

Monkey 101 was an indie noise rock band from Philadelphia. They achieved instant cult status with their 1990 7” single “French Feelings” and “Now That You Have Left Me” released on Philly indie label Siltbreeze Records who also released Sebadoh and Guided by Voices around the same time. Monkey 101 released one additional 7” EP culled from a full album’s worth of recordings made in the early 1990s, but the full LP “Rusts, Smuts and Heart Rot” has not been released on vinyl until now. These songs are as vibrant, raw, and energetic as when they were first recorded some 30 years ago.

Remastered by Paul Hammond
All Songs by Monkey 101 (c) 1991


1. French Feelings
2. The Method Of My Machinery
3. Heaven Cement
4. Supersonic
5. The Man Who Sells His Votes
6. Kentucky Woman
7. Wait In The Ground
8. Now That You Have Left Me
9. One More Date
10. State Of Decay
11. My Girl
12. Next Train To Mexico
13. Neighborhood Bully
14. Mr. Hate And Mr. Doubt
15. Two Chord
16. Burgundy Wine

Digital download card included with LP. Digital download also available on Bandcamp.