Mt. Vengeance - Machines

Mt. Vengeance - Machines

Label: Sister Raygun Records
Catalog No.: SRR 007
Year: 2020
Format: Black Vinyl

"...A fun-as-hell rock trio with a heavy side. Mt. Vengeance is basically blue-collar Philly rock royalty, with members whose résumés include Valsalva, Uptown Bones, Latimer, Ashtabula and Electric Love Muffin." - Patrick Rapa - Philadelphia Magazine

Mt Vengeance’s second album takes their debut as a starting point, but moves in heavier and more conceptual directions incorporating metal and prog rock influences into their core rock sound. Their first single “Thugs,” “My Lucky Tiger,” “I’m Defff” and a reworked “Nil by Mouth” continue the band’s heavy indie rock sound mixing aggressive distorted guitars and throbbing bass lines. “Blue Sky Sprites” and “Is a Universe” capture the band’s more melodic pop side. The album closer “Machines” marks a bit of a departure for the band. The song is a mind blowing sonic opus blending prog rock, heavy metal, and dystopian lyrics. Imagine Swervedriver playing Rush and Black Sabbath cover songs with lyrics by Aldous Huxley and you’d be in the right universe.


1. Thugs
2. Blue Sky Sprites
3. Is a Universe
4. My Lucky Tiger
5. Nil by Mouth
6. I’m Defff
7. Machines

Digital download available on Bandcamp.