Poppy - Snakes of New Jersey

$10.00 - $18.00
Poppy - Snakes of New Jersey

Label: Sister Raygun Records
Catalog No.: SRR 003
Year: 2019
Format: Black Vinyl, Compact Disc

“Fans of Jawbox, Superchunk and maybe even Patti Smith would be wise to check this band out; Poppy may be cut from the same spiritual cloth, but after one encounter with these [half] dozen songs, one will instantly see that they are on their own trip. Really great stuff!" - The Big Takeover #86

“Snakes of New Jersey” is a 6 song album by the Philadelphia alternative rock band Poppy. The band formed in the early 1990s and the 90s alternative rock sound is still present mixed with some classic rock & roll. A prominent rhythm section thanks to bassist Brian Campbell (Mt. Vengeance, Electric Love Muffin) and drummer Craig Heim (Scram) mixes with Kate Campbell’s strong female vocals and distorted guitars to create timeless, melodic rock and roll.


1. Last 3 Dollars
2. Moomoo & Goadie
3. Hand in the Lion’s Mouth
4. Made a Memory
5. In the Clouds
6. Marga

Digital download card included with vinyl LP. Digital download only available on Bandcamp.