Prof. Fuzz 63 - Owls

$5.00 - $18.00
Prof. Fuzz 63 - Owls

Label: Sister Raygun Records
Catalog No.: SRR 004
Year: 2020
Format: Red or Black Vinyl, Cassette Tape

"If Tom Waits started a surf rock band in the back of a Dallas, Texas pawn shop, it'd be The Prof.Fuzz 63."

Building on the sound and twisted wordplay found on 2019’s Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues , The Prof.Fuzz 63’s fourth full-length LP Owls delivers a slightly heavier sound and a new label to match – Sister Raygun Records . The title track is a sardonic tale about an annoying owl who deserves a good ole fashion ass-kicking and will have you singing along with mischievous glee: “That owl’s an asshole!” “Sheena is a Soccer Mom” imagines the life cycle of The Ramones’ Sheena from punks and Goth gangs to suburban domesticity, yoga pants, and Adderall.

The first single from the album “Nadine Codeine” is perhaps the catchiest, most college radio-friendly song the band has recorded to date. And who else would dedicate a song to the Velvet Underground’s Sterling Morrison, but go on to sing about two other famous Morrisons (Jim and Van) in the song itself? The album is rounded out by inspired cover songs by two of the band’s biggest influences: Tom Waits and Flipper. The band gives a garage rock spin to Wait’s “Goin’ Out West” (even sneaking a lyric from The Mummies into the mix), a reverb drenched lo-fi version of Flipper’s “Love Canal” and a bombastic, organ-heavy version of their song “Sacrifice” which sounds like it was demonically possessed by “In-A-Gadda-Da- Vida.”


1. Owls
2. A Song for Sterling (who is otherwise not mentioned...)
3. Kill the Barbarians
4. Love Canal
5. Sheena is a Soccer Mom
6. Nadine Codeine
7. Sacrifice
8. Goin’ Out West

Digital download card included with vinyl LP. Digital download also available on Bandcamp.