Richard Kaufmann - Common Senses

Richard Kaufmann - Common Senses

Label: Record Cellar
Catalog No.: RCP 071
Year: 2002
Format: Compact Disc (New Old Stock)

Soulful solo album from singer/songwriter, Richard Kaufmann (Electric Love Muffin, Rolling Hayseeds, Foxycontin). Released in 2002 by Record Cellar Productions.

Review from No Depression (July 2002):

"As a member of Philadelphia bands Electric Love Muffin (late-’80s) and the Rolling Hayseeds (early-’90s), Richard Kaufmann was involved in the burgeoning alt-rock and alt-country movements, respectively, but his obvious affection for classic AM-radio pop always steered him just a bit off the party line.

On Common Senses, Kaufmann dumps all pretenses and indulges his unerring melodic sense to create an across-the-dial salute to a bygone radio ethos. The ten originals are dressed up with a wide array of evocative instrumental ornamentations (chromatic harp, celeste, synthesized baritone sax, strings, etc.) and ethereal, buoyant female backing vocals. The album is buffered from a descent into cloying slickness by varied pacing, an informal mix, and the singer’s endearingly wobbly pipes.

Kaufmann’s slightly pinched adenoidal bleating most often resembles Jules Shear’s, but there are extended, exhilarating stretches when he channels the likes of the Rascals’ Felix Cavaliere, The Band’s Richard Manuel, Quicksilver’s Dino Valenti and even Charlie Rich. Yoiks.

Relentlessly tuneful, Common Senses borrows liberally from pop radio’s checkered past: bubble-gum rock, Foundations/Chairmen Of The Board-style beach music, Hot Chocolate-inspired dance-floor jive, and slow-dance gropers, to mention just a few. Unfettered by current styles or expectations, Kaufmann has delivered an honest, revealing personal journal that’s clearly a labor of love."


1. You Never Listen
2. Greenlaw Neck
3. The All Fools Dance
4. For Crying Out Loud
5. Shiver
6. Shooting Stars & A Full Moon
7. She Hurt It Here First
8. Home
9. Ruby Sue
10. Le Velo Noir